As long as society exists racism will always be. After...

Garry Dupre - October 23 2008, 12:55 PM

As long as society exists racism will always be. After watching those videos we can
realize there still are some white persons to think that black people are inferior, not able to manage a big country like United States which are a Christian country.But isn't this same Christianity that they used to bring black people into slavery, steal their belongings and rape their wives and Children?However, nothing is
really changed, slavery is still there under several forms such as:Sorcery, exploitat
ion, and etc.If black people are ducks, talk and walk like a duck as the guy in the video said, why their workforces are so appreciated.

After all, a real Christian count
ry won't tolerate that a group of people to have more than another one, the immense
disparity that exists in the fruit of racism and this is the reason why
white human beings are backing up a black man to see in what way they can bring a
new human mentality in the head of the racist ones to make things change for the
better of all Americans.Ah!I forgot, it's easy to be a Christian but very difficult
to be a human being.

After all, aren't colors scientific facts?Only those with a huge
culture are aware of it and know how to appreciate them.

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