Once Upon A Time: A Past Green Haiti.

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Look at this video and tell me how you feel about the situation.

What do we have to show for as Haitian for Haiti?

I will suggest you go to this site DominicanToday.com goto the forum and read the topics that are being brought forward on issues pertaining to Hispaniola.

My name on there is AfroLatino and I hope many of you will stand up to defend and represent Haiti well with others against those many who seem to have strong resentful demeaning, defaming and discriminating derogatory prejudicial views of Haitians and Haiti.

Really, can we actually discuss something worthy to debate here about Haiti?

I mean, it baffles me that foreigners are debating Haitian Issues more than actual Haitians are and more productively might I add.
Anyway, for those who like to partake in more gracious worthy debates about the plights of Hispaniola in while,

Wilgeens Rosenberg, October 16 2008, 12:40 AM

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