Knowing Yourself Without The Ambiguity.

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By Wilgëens "AfroLatino" Rosenberg.

Many times you will find Haitians trying to get into some heated debate, dispute or discussion over knowing or not knowing what they ethnicity is. You may ask many Haitians this one question, "What Is Your Ethnicity?" hardly ever you might find one to get it right.

Particularly and only because many Haitians or people do not know the separate true meanings for these words such as "Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Ancestry and lastly the word Demonym" which one may not find in the average regular dictionary.

More often than not, you will find many Haitians say their ethnicity is "Haitian" when in fact Haitian is the "nationality" and not the Ethnicity.

At times if they do say what their true ethnicity is which is Afro-Latinos, with that comes with the ambiguity of many of them thinking that it has something to do with them selling out or "The Man" classifying them in some condescending way or that many do not want to be viewed as Identity Confused individuals which are often the perceived reaction received from many in many cases when they do. When one has decided to go the lengthy distance of finding out about all of the composure of their ancestral genealogy backgrounds and embrace it. You often have other people trying to say or brand these individuals who have done so and gone the extra effort to find out about themselves as people with an "inferiority complex or identity crisis." Those people who are engaging in branding other individuals as such could not have been any further from the truth when indeed this attitude can be viewed the other way around.

For centuries after many to the next, as people, human beings have been engaging in quests of finding about themselves in attempt and effort as to know what their true origins truly is. It comes as great shock when individuals try to personally find out about themselves that they would get branded for it. Anyway the saddest part is, many people believe if one tries to categorize them from the norms of what they are used to have been comfortable to have believed and thought of themselves as that somehow it means that one is trying to diminish them in the process or to indirectly bask in the new profound discovery.

Point is, nowadays people live in a time that the possibility of having one person to be of a combination of many ethnicities, ancestries or backgrounds is no longer farfetched and inconceivable.

For example, for those who are or may be confused about who they are, the only crime they are committing is not searching or be willing to find out fully about themselves which is why it is suggested that many people do should try to find out more about themselves.

It does not hurt anyone if you do and the benefit is to come to terms with all the possibilities of what their genetical makeup might be or is consisted of before they start branding others as to being confused with an identity crisis or an inferiority complex issues.

Therefore with that being said, hopefully many other people will try looking up these following words in a dictionary to first know the differences and meanings of these terms before hand. Here are some basic wikipedia links to help if reaching for a dictionary might be of too much work and effort:

Ethnicity -

Nationality -

Demonym -

Ancestry -

Race -



Wilgeens Rosenberg, October 11 2008, 2:59 PM

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