hispaniola history 101.

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A Better Educative Way Through Our Co-Existing Differences.

By Wilgëens "AfroLatino" Rosenberg.

It seems to me that, there is not a single fact ever to be considered good enough when given one to some of the many (not all) uneducated Dominicans & Haitians on here whom I have had the unfortunate pleasure of encountering on this site where both are just as stubborn and adamant to use old resentments and tools of hatred to settle past score of differences in effort to bash or defame the other.

So with that being the norms of discussions on here, as to say that I see people like to make their own facts of history as they go is why I brought you all this factual unbiased editorial of Dominican & haitian History which I am sure still many of you will find some imbecile way to continue on disputing and arguing senselessly over, but I do suggest that you both Haitians & Dominicans go to these provided links and read with full comprehension, not selectively, but with great understanding rather...

I suppose everyone is entitled to their own stories, but just not their own facts.

Do these words sounds familiar or still mean anything to anyone anymore?

I am glad to see that there are Table Of Contents from both links where you all can do spilt screen comparisons simultaneously for proper quoting and references or cross examinations.

Sounds fair enough people?

So with no further ado, I give you...

the Dominican & Haitian History 101 links.



From now one, to lay to rest any differences or to argue on any past history matter regarding both Nations or Countries, let us learn to properly dissect and quote the facts of history from these two links instead of racist stipulations and prejudice speculations full with hatred and resentments.

Shamefully, it gets very difficult when many of us are of a mix of both blood and have been and lived on both sides of this precious Island we called Hispaniola.

P.S: I hope many of you can properly read, and that many of you have learned since High School how to do a proper comprehensive Compare & Contrast understandable analysis.

Anyone who has an opinion that is not based on facts and provide proper links are not welcomed.

P.S 2: Please remember to go to DominicanToday.com to furthermore educate some more fools that way we can eradicate the negative radicalism, racism and resentments once and for all. It is about time some Haitians do stand up for something meaningful for once in their lives.

Wilgeens Afrolatino Rosenberg, October 10 2008, 5:54 PM

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