Haiti Such a Mess Most People Gave up on it.

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Haiti is a mendicant state.

Nothing good is expected from its government or its people nor the country itself.

The government is full of people who are like vultures waiting to parasites from others.

Although some of us feel sorry for some of its inhabitants, most of us are suffering from donor's fatigue! People work hard, they do not need a bunch of UPLEASANT PRIMITIVE LOOKING BANTU people who are eating the fruits of their labors non stop. Its usuallly those same people who commit incredible acts of violence towards them later in life.The very ones who benefited from all their donations.

Personally I am not giving them a penny.

Haitians have to learn to do for themselves or perish.

Those are the harsh rules of nature if one believes in the survival of the fittest theory.

Christian, October 7 2008, 6:49 PM

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Greg Peters, 10-Oct-08 7:40 pm


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