maverick straight talk express he is not.

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By Wilgëens "AfroLatino" Rosenberg.

Take a look at Mc.Cain's unwavering stance on Iraq today compare to his hypocritical stance then on Haiti & Somalia.

Did Haiti & Somalia not deserve the very same unwavering commitment for success he is showing for Iraq?

Mc.Cain claims that our staying in Iraq is until success is achieved...

No problem.

So why the desire for success when US Troops were in poor Black nations like Haiti and Somalia was not as strong the desires Mc.Cain himself wishes to see in Iraq today?

How about the wrongful foreign policies the US have towards other American nations in the Latin Americas in our very own hemisphere, needless to even mention the situation in Darfur, Africa...?

Talking about flip flopping and double talk...

but a Straight talk express he is not.

Take a look at these videos and you be the judge of what Mc. Cain real call of judgement is.
(Copy & Paste the links in your URL query if they are not clickable or hypertext ).

Mc.Cain on HAITI:

Mc.Cain on SOMALIA:

Hmm, now Mc.Cain on IRAQ:
Well, we all know what his stance is on "Profitable" Iraq today...

along with his other flip flops on Affirmative Action, Immigration, Off Shore Drilling and so forth, you name it...

In teh words of Joe Biden, "A Maverick He Is Not."

Here, see more flip Mc.Cain flop for yourself in those videos bellow.

Some "straight talk" huh?

Yeah right...

Sounds more like "Double Talk" of usual politics to me. In other words, sounds like "More Of The Same" to me. Do you not think so?

As a US Soldier, a 2 times Iraq Veteran and a US Citizen, I would like to get some answers before I cast my Ballot.

Wilgeens Rosenberg, October 7 2008, 10:20 AM

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