Very serious conversations now: I like it

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Since I am so busy worrying about my own biz now, I haven't had time to focus.

It seems you guys are talking about some serious things now. JS, perhaps, was not the one I thought he was because when he came out he was talking about a fake leader.

Now that he makes a lot of sense, I applaud him. He seems to master his economics as he said he did.
One thing I don't agree with is when he says if you dont produce anything, we cannot control prices, we still can because of the bargaining power of the purchaser.

We are, I believe, more than 12 million mouths now; People have to eat no matter what. Someone will be willing to sell us the rice at a cheaper price than the competitor.

Anyway, the bigger picture is that, and he's right though it is sad to admit, we're not producing anything.

But we can start producing cheap servives to the world right now if we eliminate violence and produce some electricity because I know some Haitians right now, living in Haiti, who speak better English than the Indians we have calling us on the phone to collect the bills.

Something can be done. But Security first, than at least partial electricity, and the rest will come as a matter of a spiral effect.

Ayisyen Patriyot, January 9 2007, 11:31 PM

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