Tiba, said "they will never leave the wonderful life they are...

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Tiba, said "they will never leave the wonderful life they are enjoying abroad to go back to Haiti." I tend to disagree with that based on two premises.


There was a time that Haitians living outside of their country were pretty happy, because they were treated fairly decently.

Today, Haitians everywhere are in hiding, and are treated like lepers pretty much all over the world.


So, at a very core survival instinct level Haitians are craving a freer life. A life without the fear of their coworkers finding out who they really are. A freedom from the fear of having to deny their origin when they go into any medical facility.

A freedom from the disgusted look from other minorities.

Even those Haitians who are not aware of how much of an impact this is having on their psyche and physical health or in particular their children's psyche and health, would instinctively react to the possible relief that going back to Haiti would be for them.


Haitians wanting to move back to Haiti or not will actually come down to if they finally get a true leader.

Great leaders make great things happen.

They inspirer and elevate the human mind to great heights; that is why they are called LEADERS.

If you study revolutions, including your own, you will see that in each revolutionary movement, when incredible things happened that had previously seemed impossible, it only took one man/woman to make it happen (of course this individual's first task has always been to get the right people to help him with his goal), but doing that is the first step to showing great leadership.

Of course a leader can be evil (Duvalier, Hitler, Bush) or he/she can be all about the nation--that is what Haiti needs; not a leader who is for the masses, or one who is for the wealthy groups, but one who is for the nation as a whole.

Hey Tiba! Are you that leader?

Linda, October 2 2008, 8:02 AM

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Linda, 1-Oct-08 12:44 pm
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El Caribeno, 1-Oct-08 2:47 pm
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Linda, 1-Oct-08 6:18 pm
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Tiba, 2-Oct-08 6:29 am
Tiba, said "they will never leave the wonderful life they are enjoying abroad to go back to Haiti." I tend to disagree... read more >
Linda, 2-Oct-08 8:02 am
Hi,Linda! Although the idea that we discussed before is excellent, there are many points that need to be discussed... read more >
Rintintin, 2-Oct-08 8:13 am
Linda and the rest of you guys, this idea sounds like a coup d’etat against Haiti. Such as the one before. Haiti and... read more >
Diasporas Coup D Tat, 2-Oct-08 9:27 am
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Romelito, 2-Oct-08 1:26 pm
diaspora, You said what? Linda, this is the prime example of what I am trying to say, sort of. Did you hear what this... read more >
Tiba, 2-Oct-08 5:04 pm
rintintin Creating a government in exile would be a good idea except doing so would be a great violation of the US... read more >
Tiba, 2-Oct-08 5:21 pm
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