Ok! but there is a big problem. which problem it is? Diaspora...

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Ok ! but there is a big problem.

which problem it is?

Diaspora arriving in mass to take strong position to get better the country.

I share the idea eventhough LINDA has injured me before yesterday, but any way I'm a peacefull man looking for wisdom and togetherness.

There is a problem when you talk about ariving in mass of Haitian diaspora to occupy the high level offices in the country in purpose of geting it better.

But the diaspora is from different developed countries which mean different culture and therefor, different way of acting.

AND you have to take in acount that Haiti is half-french speaking country.

It is clear that the haitian govenement presentative must be able to speak good creol and good french.

beacause of that, a conflict between those diaspora from USA, FRANCE, SWITSERLAND, BELGIUM, CANADA And those from LATIN AMERICA kan be created
I remember, a couple years ago, I was in the hotel LE PALAZ, at a certain moment there was a great talk-sharing between a diaspora from Miami and an orther from Paris.

each one tried despice the orther.

A bon entendeur, salut.

El Caribeno, October 1 2008, 2:47 PM

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Rintintin, what we in the diaspora need is a leader; someone who can cross the line between the elite and the masses... read more >
Linda, 1-Oct-08 12:44 pm
Ok! but there is a big problem. which problem it is? Diaspora arriving in mass to take strong position to get better... read more >
El Caribeno, 1-Oct-08 2:47 pm
OK, got your point. But when people are willing to work together language is never a barrier...actually, when people... read more >
Linda, 1-Oct-08 6:18 pm
Linda, Based on the theory of "extreme situations call for extreme measures" your idea is an excellent one. In fact, I... read more >
Tiba, 2-Oct-08 6:29 am
Tiba, said "they will never leave the wonderful life they are enjoying abroad to go back to Haiti." I tend to disagree... read more >
Linda, 2-Oct-08 8:02 am
Hi,Linda! Although the idea that we discussed before is excellent, there are many points that need to be discussed... read more >
Rintintin, 2-Oct-08 8:13 am
Linda and the rest of you guys, this idea sounds like a coup d’etat against Haiti. Such as the one before. Haiti and... read more >
Diasporas Coup D Tat, 2-Oct-08 9:27 am
A tous les reveurs C' est merveilleux que blogueuse et blogueurs s' entendent aussi bien que Tiba et Toi.Bien... read more >
Romelito, 2-Oct-08 1:26 pm
diaspora, You said what? Linda, this is the prime example of what I am trying to say, sort of. Did you hear what this... read more >
Tiba, 2-Oct-08 5:04 pm
rintintin Creating a government in exile would be a good idea except doing so would be a great violation of the US... read more >
Tiba, 2-Oct-08 5:21 pm
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