Tiba, The story is not about Trujillo or even Chevalier; it's...

Clean Hands - September 30 2008, 12:08 AM

Tiba, The story is not about Trujillo or even Chevalier; it's about genocide of dark skin people we call Haitians (children yes innocent children, women and the old).

The genocide of October 1937 is an unresolved issue as far Haiti is concerned.

The current state of Haiti is everyone's concern as well but know history repeats itself quite often in Haiti so what you see as current state of affairs in Haiti is nothing but a repetitions of 1825, 1876, 1911, 1922 and so forth.

The current state of affairs is a direct consequence of all the old state of affairs since the nation's birth.

Paying unfavorable interests on loans have been around since shortly after 1825 when we started borrowing from the French themselves.

- what else is new there?- nothing.

The 1991 embargo did hurt badly but do not make it sound like Haiti had a sound economy before 1991, it did not. Our beloved Haiti was already one of the poorest nation in the hemisphere when the Americans debarked in 1915 - I did not believe it myself.

Haiti has been under an embargo since vitually 1806 both diplomatic and economic.

The old master and the new master are different sides of the same coin when it comes to black people.

However, we cannot fight the master.

Just forget it. All that Haiti can do is claim some gratitude from the master, not charity.

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As far as I'm concerned, I think learning this part...


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