I think here we are palying with words and terminalogies...

Tiba - September 28 2008, 8:09 AM

I think here we are palying with words and terminalogies.

There is a big difference when saying Trujillo is Haitian, and saying Trujillo is Haitian dencent.

It's like saying that Collin Powell who is of Jamaican decent is Jamaican.

Trujillo who is black, was born in Dominican Republic to non-haitian parents.

However, one of his grandmothers was Haitians, but that doesn't mean one of his biological parents was Haitians either according to family, s trees theory.

Anyway, who cares that Trujillo is Haitian?

I don't! what the importance value that his Haitian identity has for us, Haitians?

Don't we all know that Trujillo was a dumb ignorant house-slave nigger suffered with self-esteem syndrome?

Trujillo was a bimbo who hates himself so much that he was trying to gain his self-esteem back by spreading hate, fear and racism in Dominican Republic against Haitians.

Trujillo and these Dominicans are the most psychological bankrupt people ever live. For someone with dark skin, black skin to believe that he or she is white, how more screwd up could that person be?

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Hey gason, Haitian American is enlighting our people...


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