Beautifully said Romel. I have a question for you: How do we...

Linda - September 13 2008, 2:15 PM

Beautifully said Romel.

I have a question for you:
How do we get rid of the "Gardiens de la cour" without violence?

If we can figure this out, we might stand a chance to save Haiti.

Here is what qualitative and quantitative data reveals about Haiti:
1. We know that what Haitians have been doing so far has not worked.

a)The fact that 90% of the educated classes have run away because they feared for their lives has emptied the nation of its brain power.

The result is what's called the "brain drain." The result of the brain drain is that you now have a bunch of unqualified people running the country.

Unqualified people are not just dangerous to the nation because they are stupid about nation building, but unqualified people tend to come from a class of people that are greedy and desperate because they had so little before coming to power as government officials.

Once they come into power, because power and money were things they never had and therefore are not used to, these types of people tend to be willing to do anything to hold on to that power.

Hence, since all studies done this far have shown that nations who suffer from the type of extensive brain drain that Haiti has suffered do not recuperate without the return of the educated classes, we can conclude that as long as the diaspora stays out of the country Haiti will never get better.

b)The educated and the affluent classes will not return to Haiti as long as 1)they are not given dual citizenship 2)the country is safe--double citizenship for those who need it, security for all.

The fact is that those who have gained power by default (the uneducated classes) will never willingly allow the educated classes to come back, because they care more about their place in power than the welfare of the nation.

So they have to deliberately maintain a level of insecurity in the country, and they have to deliberately prevent double citizenship from happening so that the diaspora does not return.

c)The few upper-class level citizens left in Haiti are composed of two groups: one group which has mostly people who "CALL" themselves Haitians but really have never cared about Haiti or the lives of Haitian citizens.

This group is as uneducated as those from the lower classes, but have lots of money; they are racist, and as selfish and abusive as those who are in power.

They are only elite by name. They have no real social class or savoir faire, their level of education is as minimal as those in power, and there was a time that, even with all their money and skin color, they would have been part of the lower class--primarily because of their lack of education and their lack of savoir faire.

This group will collaborate with anyone in power who lets them exploit the majority.

The second group is even smaller.

It consist of people who really care about Haiti--those I call true Haitians.

They are the few true well rounded citizens left in the country; they are of all colors, they are well-read, and knowledgeable about the world, they have savior faire, and they tend to have ancestors who date from the Haitian revolution and post-colonial life. This group would help Haiti if it could.

However, they are powerless because their numbers are too small to really have any clout.

They would need the reinforcement of the diaspora.

However, as I stated above there are two fundamentally crucial reason why the diaspora wont go back, and those in power in Haiti know it.

So, the wrap-up of all this is: 1)Haiti cannot get better without the diaspora, 2)the diaspora will not return until those two issues mentioned above are corrected.

Hence, Haiti will not get better because the diaspora will not return.

TEN YEARS FROM NOW, Haiti will be one of two things: 1)completely taken over by foreigners (and they wont even need to do it militarily) or 2)Haiti will be a waist dump were other nations put their trash and their sick.


For Haiti to get better=the diaspora must return=they will not return with this criminal government in power=the government in power must be removed before its too late to save Haiti


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