Build New Haitian Cities Rather Than Repair Old On

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Truth Be Told, It Is Time To Change An Old Face For A New One.
By Wilgëens "AfroLatino" Rosenberg.

Many ideas for change at first tend to often sound improbable, especially in theories.

None or nevertheless, those ideas no matter how extreme they may seem can quite often be very feasible depending on just how much optimism they are looked upon with. Improbability and skepticism has never stopped the human race and power from overcoming and achieving many goals before, and they sure are not about to start now.

Recently, three hurricanes have ravaged Haiti, and those devastated storms have brought despair to this extremely impoverish Country with already with many hardships, uncertainties among many other issues such a poor Nation has to deal with. Regardless of the adversity, surely Haiti and its government will try to rebuild many hope. Rebuilding is not going to be easy as well as it will be dire and costly given the Country's bad economic, political and social issues plaguing this Nation.

Which left many to wonder just how in the world would it even be possible for this Country to repair its already damaged infrastructures which were already ill structured and deteriorating.

If repairing the before ill deteriorating, poorly structured and damaged infrastructures were part of any projects of the Haitian government to addressed and to soon be undertaking; the best only positive that could ever come out of the recent devastation of those hurricanes is for the Haitian Government to build new towns and cities instead of trying to waste time fixing the old ones. Here is the chance, in light of all the disparity and pain the storms have brought to Haiti, many believe that this is the change Haiti has been waiting for. Here is why...

A new town, community or city are infrastructures that are often carefully planned from its inception, concept and construction; thus or therefore with a better sense of geographic environmental awareness, eco-consideration and with more safe or sound choices to keep in mind so those infrastructure will stand a better chance facing natural disaster or challenges.

Several of the world capitals from many now highly developed Countries such as in the United States, Germany, the United Arabs Emirates and even India are planned cities dating back in history and since that it was very common of European conquerors, new developers, builders and settlers to build according to a plan with options of either build on fresh ground or on the ruins of old and earlier cities.

In this new age, already the Haitian government was facing the challenges of pondering just how its was going to improve the quality of life and condition of the people so that Haiti can meet the requirements of this new century to come. Haiti's neighbors such as the Dominican Republic and the Turks & Caicos have already begun to step up their infrastructures and their improvements have boosted tourism, their economy and many social challenges.

Many feels that it is time that Haiti, the oldest Black Republic in the western hemisphere, need to fall in line with them.

P.S: Nowadays, it is more costly tying to fix and old than to just buy a new one. The same concept is applied when trying to fix an old depreciated, low in value house, thus the same can be said in Haiti's case that it would by far cost more money which Haiti do not have and would have to borrow to try to repair the old ill damaged infrastructures of certain cities than it would cost them to just simply build new towns, small subsidized projects, communities and even city which in the end or long run would deemed to be more beneficial for Haiti in all or any aspects you may have to look at it.

With the help of any kind of security improvements in Haiti along with the right Tax incentive and leniency to investors, foreign or domestic, such ideas are not only just probable and feasible for Haiti, they are in fact do-able with all kinds of optimism to look forward to if the Haitian people understand the fact that it would be more economically efficient in terms of improving Haiti's infrastructure for the better if they build brand New Cities instead or rather than try to repair old devastated and deteriorated ones.

Will Rosenberg, September 12 2008, 10:13 PM

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