Linda, You are etremely confused. You are amid a dangerous...

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You are etremely confused.

You are amid a dangerous allegation that you created yourself.

I bellieve you used the wrong words.

Now, you want to hold others liable for your ego issues.

Your ailed ego is your problem, not others'.

You must understand that you need help; and you must go for it.

There is a difference between "taking a president out of power" and "removing him from power".

You accidently incited a vague of violent talks against a chief of state.

That is why i stepped up to warn you - and why not?- the danger of you cheer to your ignorance.

So, I wish you were prudent regarding political dialects.

Politics is not "MAKREL, ZOBOP, MAIS AK POIS, E RARA NAN T-GOAVE"; politics is the X beyond the word itself.

You got it?

You like talking; you like commenting; you like participating.

Fine! But you must learn how to get involve.

How to advance a topic and how to develop a topic.

This is not "ROMAN", "All my Children", "Dynasty"; This is not "Ban'n ZOBOP", "Foula", "Raram"; This is not DP Expres, Chouga Combo; This not "manicure pedicure"; This is POLITICS.

You mess with it, you are crawled by it.

I don't like President Preval because he thinks he can lead Haiti "a la Dessalinienne".

He said "Naje Pou Soti" and Aristide had said, "Sou grangou monte anho kay boujoi yo e mande yo deki previen ou grangou".

Is there any difference between these two sayings?

Preval is more moderate than his fella Aristide.

But only a reckless chief of state to enunciate that way. But he must end his term, because the majority had cast their votes for him.

My message to preval would be like: President Preval, You must stop leading your country with the fear for "ancien milite yo".

You are the boss. And you must respect their rights.

They are veterans.

Now, let's get back to you Linda,

Taking out: is any means necessary (more likely violent way)
Removing: involves negociations, impeachment (more likey diplomatic way)

Think about it before you expose yourself as "the genius in English writing.

Reality Checked


Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, September 1 2008, 9:01 PM

Topic: Michelle Pierre Louis Meets With Haiti's Senate

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Linda, You are etremely confused. You are amid a dangerous allegation that you created yourself. I bellieve you used... read more >
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Jean-claude, 24-May-09 11:48 pm
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