World Of Problems Indeed!!!

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You are right on the money for the most part. Your analysis is really judicious.

We all know how bad the insecurity is currently in the country despite a small lull.
I truly think that Preval-Alexis government is really trying to assert itself as an alternance to the real politics of division between the OLD Core Militants and ARMED wings of the Aristide Lavalassiens & some Old Core Military Putchists Militants & Armed.

Why I say that is simple: Preval has somewhat been a victim of both groups.

He was restrained, was hunted by some former military personnel during the the 1st Aritide Coup! He was similarly maligned and threatened by Aristide's forces during his presidency.

Listening to the latest Aritisde declaration equating Preval & Treason can serve to illustrate the problem.

Indeed, il est pris entre le marteau et l'enclume!! Next, he has the regular delinquency & drug causative effects to deal with....

Where do you start, or draw the line?

He knows that an all out assault on one group or the other will not win him support, and perhaps can not be realized if it is perceived to be one sided.

While he will gladly win the support of the former military personne of the old FADH, that may actually mean a Civil war which would not benefit any segment of the population...I think that's why we are seeing this Twisted Language about DDR/ Negotiations / and now tough talk against Kidnapping etc..

Soon, the picture will be clearer and the task easier ( unfortunately not soon enough) For all who want to hear, do not forget that the forces of Guy Philippe and Chamblain never actually entered Port-au-Prince until after Aristide was taken care of by the Americans.

The reason is simple, the reactionary forces of Lavalass were ready to spill the Blood in Port-au-Prince..

Today, a good chunk of the same group is responsible for much of the kidnappings...

I think that the government is cleverly walking a narrow path of identifying, dividing and ultimately conquerring this group one way or another...

Now that was just on the SECURITY front...

Besdides, still a world of problems still remain...

Haitians of good nature and character must be ready to help this government in every constructive way possible.

as long as it can show a willingnesss and desire to move progressively against the deaunting tasks..

The very last point is the problems encountered today are not in their embryonic stages...This is Full Blown

Jdaniel, January 5 2007, 2:19 AM

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You are right on the money for the most part. Your analysis is really judicious.We all know how bad the insecurity is... read more >
Jdaniel, 5-Jan-07 2:19 am


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