Linda Good point and great observation! why couldn't I thinka...

Tiba - August 30 2008, 1:54 PM


Good point and great observation! why couldn't I thinka that?

You see, this is why I can always count on you to watch my back, lol.

You see, this is a great example of Haitian government failure.

As a great thinker with the capacity to see further than your nose, you helped me realize what I missed by pointing some powerful and very important traits and capabilities that the government is missing.

Preval's government doesn't have these caliber of people who are thinkers and able to see further than their noses to help the government with the negotiating process.

They are brain dead and unable to be effective leaders.

This is the way it's done in US. George Bush doesn't have the intellect capacity and the brain power and the wisdom to negotiate and run the country effectively, therefore, he surrounds himself with people with these traits to help him. Why shouldn't Preval do the same since Bush is one of his masters he is serving?

Shouldn't the house-slave think and do like his or her master?

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Tiba, you did not mention one of the most important...


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