World of problems part II

Mark - January 4 2007, 11:46 PM

As I've said before, as the President of Haiti one would never call Preval a world leader yet he faces a world of problems in Haiti.

Five years is not enough for any leader to deal with this sea of obstacles.

For this reason I advocate patience.

However, the ideology of patience is unapplicable to the security situation.

Because people are kidnapped and killed daily.

As a former president I presume Preval was well aware of the insecurity issue.

A responsible leader would have had a strategy in place to deal with the insecurity.

Thus far, the Preval Alexis government seems clueless and incapable to really deal with this dilemma.

I wonder if it is because they never had any plans ready to govern the country.

A person doesn't become a president just to be a president, a person becomes president to lead effectively.

And to be an effective leader a person needs to have a plan that will lead to improvements and progress.

I doubt Preval ever had a plan for anything.

The security issue is the most pressing one. It must be solve if the economy is to improve.

People will not invest when they're worried about security.

Toursim would boost the economy tremendously.

But most tourists are very educated people, they're going to risk their lives in Haiti when all you hear is bad news coming from the country.

I believe if there is security and a good justice system the country will develop in no time. To expect the international community to solve the insecurity or develop Haiti is naivete.

Yet I think it's what our leaders expect.

Eventually MUNISTAH will pack up and go. We can't expect a police force of five thousand that is poorly trained, ill-equiped to protect over 7 million citizens.

Increasing the police force is a must. That is why I propose the creation of another force to complement the police force.

A gendarmerie or SWAT force is in itself part of a police force.

The difference is that it usually recieves a training that is far superior than a the regular police force.

The Army is not the solution.

The obvious question is how to fund such a project.

The government needs to have meeting with UN leaders in Haiti to see if they could get some of that promised money to fund such a project.

Another option though unpopular, the government may have to borrow the money, if such meeting with UN leaders is unproductive.

Extreme time calls for extreme mesure.

This government needs to do something before the country sinks into complete anarchy.

There must be progress within the next five years.

To fund other important projects the goevernment could appeal to Haitians living abroad for funds.

Many other governments are already doing it. Isreal is an exemple.

In future comments I will emphasize on this.

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Jdaniel says...

You are right on the money for the most part. Your analysis is really judicious.We all know how bad the insecurity is... more »