Dear Mr.Rene Preval

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I'm a young girl with a lot of passion for Haiti.

I was born in Haiti and came to America when I was 9. Haiti has been in the dump for a long time. President after President its been the same. They have people rooting for them. Making promises that they will do this to help get us out the hell hole. As soon power is in their hands every promise to do the country good goes out the window.

Haiti's poverty gets worse each day and it seems that nobody cares anymore.

Haiti has lost its voice because everywhere we go people look down at us just because we are Haitians.

Get our voices heard because we young one are the future of our generation.

We need to elevate our fellow Haitians out the hell hole and onto firm grounds with our heads held up high. Also to be able to say that we are a Free Country knowing that we are no longer slaves of our narrow minds but to expand our knowledge and do the great things that we are capable of. Help our voices be heard.

We need to make a change and educate our generation to better the future.

Laurine Derose, August 29 2008, 5:35 PM

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