Are Haiti Treasures Being Stolen?

Greg Peters - August 25 2008, 6:49 PM

Port-au-Prince, 9 May 2006 (AHP):

"...What they want is Haiti's newly discovered oil reserves in La Gonave, gas reserves near Aquin and Haiti's gold mines in the Northeast"

Underwater explorations at Ile-a-Vache came up with artifacts worth millions including Captain's Morgan ship, gold, bronze, cannons, emeralds...

Join HLLN'S MEDIA Campaign to expose the corrupt role of the UN, US, Canada, OAS, France, their false "humanitarian aid", to expose this international community's (the "International Community")culpable role in keeping in office, over the objections of the majority of Haiti's peoples, at home and abroad, for more than TWO years now, and training and paying a puppet Haitian government with no popular mandate and massive human rights abuses and political repression.

Stop UN, US, OAS, Canada, France's hypocrisy.

Their authorities are the ones holding the political prisoners in Haiti.

They are coup d'etat countries with the UN as their proxy militarizing Haiti and fleecing it dry with their IMF/World Bank debts and foreign "free trade" multinationals exploiting Haiti's access to the Windward Passage (Mole St Nicholas); oil (in La Gonave); uranium, iridium and Haiti's goldmines in the Northeast, gas reserves Near Aquin and our State companies, ports and plentiful and cheap labor force.

They are the respondat superiors, not the puppet Latortue government or its corrupt and paid-off judges.

Write to media urging them not to let the International Community pass the blame to their very employees - the Latortue death regime and its corrupt justice system.

Demand that the mainstream media stop being false witnesses and turning a blind eye to the truth in Haiti: to the who holds the keys locking the political prisoners behind bars and destroying justice, decency and democracy in Haiti.

It's this international community with UN soldiers as henchmen, with its USAID, World Bank, IMF and IRI/NDI Economic Hit Men, wielding its defacto protectorate in Haiti, using the Latortue regime, its foreign-trained Haitian technocrats as its proxy and "black face" in Haiti

Demand that these coup d'etat implementers, FREE the people before giving back the reigns of government illegally held by the international community's employees in Haiti.

Demand that all contracts entered into under the illegal US regime's reign must go to a national referendum placed before the people of Haiti and no backdoor structural adjustment economic plan be foisted on the people of Haiti, either through the outgoing coup d'etat regime, the contracts its illegally signed or through US/Euro false benevolence such as "debt forgiveness."

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