Kiki, kiki, kiki, Trying to understand your concept of...

Tiba - August 22 2008, 6:14 AM

Kiki, kiki, kiki,

Trying to understand your concept of government function really proves how unintouch, and alienated you are from the reality.

And, honestly, if you are currently working for the government, your boss should consider about firirng you. Somebody like you with such belief will never bring change in Haiti let alone in the life of Haitian citizens.

Kiki, if Preval/government is not in the business of changing a country, why in God's name there is a president for?

Are you telling us that Preval wanted to be president solely to get access to the best bottle of liquor he could find, and drink 24/7, and have fun?

Now, it all make sense to me. According to Kiki, Haitians must not expect to have a better Haiti because it is not the government's job to bring changes and create opportunities for its people and its country.

According to kiki, it is however, my job and your job to go back to Haiti to build roads, to give electricity, to fix the education system, to create a solid functioning judicial system, to build a modern telecommunication, to create the best health care system with the very little money we have.

And while we doing all that, Preval and his crony bunch will spend their time having a good time, drinking and using the public funds traveling the world.

"It is not Preval's job to fix Haiti, it is rather the public responsibility to do" (Kiki).

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Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!! You re so much...


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