Greg, Greg, Greg, It is your civic duty to defend Preval and I...

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Greg, Greg, Greg,

It is your civic duty to defend Preval and I applaud that, but please stop insulting our intelligence by using Preval joining a crowd protesting the high cost of food in Haiti as bringing change and accomplishing something in Haiti.

You talked about foreign forces ruling Haiti and Preval is just an advisory board to those foreign forces.

First, you are right that Preval is an advisory board to these foreign forces in Haiti, and he is the lousiest advisor of all time.
Second, there foreign forces on Haiti's soil taking over the country because of Preval's incompetence and mediocrity to govern his own country.

Third, you calling on the Haitian people to stop criticising Preval but instead to find solutions in creating health care, roads, can't be serious.

Last time I checked, health care, road, education, etc...were government's responsibilities.

Greg, these are called infrustructures, which means ONLY the government has the mandate and the authority to do.

I have a feeling that you work for Preval government to some capacity, but I always question your understanding of government function.

With all due respect, I don't think you really know much about governing and the process and the protocol under which governments opperate.

And this is another reason contributing to Haiti's failure and daownfall.

There are many people in the government who don't really know the first thing about governing.

Beside protecting and serving the territory and sovereignty of the country against all foreign and domestic enemies/aggressors, the government must show the leadership that people can follow.

The government has a moral and ethical obligations to create jobs, health care, education, road, electricity, all basic infrustructures in the entire country, etc...

in oder to get the support of the people.

Preval ran for president and put that stunt he would bring Aristide back if he gets elected and you know the rest.

Greg, nothing personal, this is strickly politics.

If preval knew he could not take the heat he should not have gotten in the kitchen, plain and simple.

The Haitian people are not asking Preval to do them any favors, but rather demanding that Preval takes his responsibility by doing what he got elected for and that is to bring positive changes in Haiti and making life better for the Haitian people.

Tiba, August 20 2008, 6:32 AM

Topic: un probeme de leadership en haiti

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Linda, 21-Aug-08 6:26 pm
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Greg Peters, 21-Aug-08 7:43 pm
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