Garry, I'm confused by your use of this proverb. You see; when...

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Garry, I'm confused by your use of this proverb.

You see; when a bird is making its nest, everybody who is observing it can see that it is doing something constructive.

When a bird is slowly building its nest everyone who is looking at that bird can see that bird take its first steps towards building the nest because it gathers the twigs it needs to build the nest; and everyone who's observing that first effort understands that, "wow, the bird is starting to build a nest!" And everybody anxiously, but patiently waits to see what the bird will do next. Than we see the bird start stacking up the twigs to build the nest; and everybody says "wow, that bird is working on the next part of the nest that its building!" Then those watching the bird get all excited about what it will do next, and they patiently, wait because they know that somethings coming; after all, so far the bird has shown that it is slowly, but surely, building a nest. So everybody waits patiently for its next move. Now my question to you is this: "WHAT THE HECK DOES PREVAL HAVE TO SHOW US THAT HE ALREADY DID THAT WOULD MAKE US WANT TO BE PATIENT WITH HIM?"

Linda, August 19 2008, 6:33 PM

Topic: un probeme de leadership en haiti

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Garry Dupre, 16-Aug-08 5:18 pm
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Kalalou, 16-Aug-08 6:22 pm
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Garry Dupre, 16-Aug-08 9:09 pm
Garry; from your mouth to God's ear. But I wont hold my breath. read more >
Linda, 16-Aug-08 11:14 pm
Garry, Garry, Garry, C'mon man! Preval is not trying to take Haiti to the moon. This is politics. Preval has been... read more >
Tiba, 17-Aug-08 8:03 am
I understand pretty well your lack of patience but don't ever forget that all countries which are very well developped... read more >
Garry Dupre, 17-Aug-08 1:27 pm
Dear Gary, I think that five years of patience is more than enough. If during those five years the Haitian government... read more >
Linda, 17-Aug-08 2:34 pm
As I previously said it our lack of patience is justificable but what we all tend to forget is that : little by little... read more >
Garry Dupre, 19-Aug-08 1:17 pm
Garry, I'm confused by your use of this proverb. You see; when a bird is making its nest, everybody who is observing... read more >
Linda, 19-Aug-08 6:33 pm
You are partly correct. It is a problem of leadership. But when President Preval said that he will come and march with... read more >
Greg Peters, 19-Aug-08 8:26 pm
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