Let's divorce with the pass

Robert P. Toussaint - January 2 2007, 12:30 PM

Robert P. Toussaint says: Respect a true Hero

Heros, I didn't see any since Charlemagne Peralt, so let's not misuse the words.

Francois, Selondieu et Mark it's time to look forward not in the pass.

Right now we have, like a flag carrier of the democratic movment in power.

Our duty, if we love our country is to support him in any was we can to install a trong demcracy in Haiti.

Don't forget 202 years ago we the Haitiens gave a democratic lesson the world.

The concept and the word for this year is" LET'S SUPPORT THIS FLAG CARRIER IN POWER"

Happy New Year to all of you



Let's divorce the past

If you people really love Haiti, as you so fervently proclaim, then you must make a sacrifice. That is stop digging in...

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