Freedom of expression

Linda - August 10 2008, 7:36 PM

It would be great to always read posts that are written in perfect English.

However, I also understand that some people who want to blog in English may not have the language skills to express themselves in perfect English, or even in fair English.

I feel that it is OK for those people to express themselves anyway they can, without having anyone reprimand them about proofreading their work. Those people who write us in poor English are very possibly expert writers in French or Creole, but choose to post with us in the language they feel we use most on this blog. I say thank you to them. I like having their opinions even when it's full of language mistakes, as that is far better than not to hear from them at all. Besides, most of us when blogging use colloquial words and sentences that we would not use elsewhere.

I personally never edit what I write for any blog. So, who are we to demand that site bloggers "proofread" their writings?

This is not the Shakespeare blog (even if it was).

This is the Haitian blog, and those on it come from all walks of life. Please, let's try not to sit on our pretentious high horses, passing judgments, and exclaiming our indignation.

It is so much more productive to pay attention to the ideas and concepts that are expressed in posts, rather than how well a person can write the English language.

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Tiba says...

Linda, Please calm down before you blow a kasket! I know you're responding to my post asking El Caribeno to proofread... more »

Ti Rouge says...

Listen up Haitians, until you get rid of the IMF - World Bank - USAID and BID, you will never be free, and will remain... more »

Linda says...

Hi Tiba, I agree with you that perhaps I was too harsh in my response. I did not exactly blow a gasket, but I do have... more »