Aristide Un Leader Historiqu et Charismatique.

Jolibois Selondieu - December 31 2006, 4:01 PM

Hats off François, well done, now I can stay in peace and let you defend this cause that so many Haitians need to understand.

Your points are succently explained and supported by facts not innuendos as many people is doing on this site, on the radios, televisions etc..

One Thing that you can do for me/ or the cause is, whenever, wherever you or anyone referred to President Aristide, please add, historical/and or/ Charismatic leader in order to protect the legacy of someone who gave his life to defy globalism and imperialism both threats to sovereignty of a nation as Haiti.

Yes Aristide learned a Louverturien Diplomacy, i.e. "whatever is negociated with Haiti has to be for the good of the majority" for the goods of Haiti, if it is not, he has to break ties. He has that ability, and has done it on many occasions, what I hope is that we all have to make a concerted effort so that upon Aristide passing that the legacy lives on, therefore we must prepare ourselves.The Haitian people needs hope and someone they can trust.

We have to make our ancestors fight for independence worthwhile.

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