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Dear President Preval:
I am a haitian woman living in the United States of America
I would like to let you know that so many haitians living abroad dream of returning to haiti
but they are afraid of the insecurity in haiti particularly the kidnapping situation.

So many of us dream of returning and investing in haiti, opening businesses, which will create jobs for people.

When haitians who are living outside of haiti return to Haiti, they come to improve the economic situation by investing, and creating jobs for poor people.

I think it's in the advantage of the government to provide a safe atmosphere, where people would feel safe to invest in that country.

The government alone cannot give jobs to an entire population, so it is to the governments advantage to provide security to the population in order to attract foreign investors.

President Preval: so many of us dream of helping haiti by returning home and opening businesses, which will create jobs for people, but most of us will not come for fear of being kidnapped, or kill.
What is being done to help improve the security situation in haiti.

Carline, August 2 2008, 9:24 AM

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