let there be justice- to President Preval

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I know this migh not be the perfect timing to say those, but if I don't say those now, I will feel like I am a traitor to myself and what I stand for. It is in that context that I have to say those to Mr. Preval
Mr. President,
If you have been outside of Haiti, or have any world experience at all, you should know that injustice and oppression to a people will inevitably lead to revolution and chaos.

You should have foreseen this state of complete chaos in Haiti if you have not taken the necessary measures to give justice to the Haitian people.

I know you want the best for Haiti, but I must tell you that I believe that you are partly responsible for the situation the country is right now because you didn't take the steps necessary to prevent it.

The people who have killed, murder, rape, steal the population are in the street running like heroes, have the best life in Haiti.

You have people like chambrain, guy Philip along with their gangs of terror walking the street, making press reports after they have caused so much harmed, so much mourning, so many dearth and desperation, those who have slaughtered so many walking the street of Haiti freely, while decent people are in jail. Where is the justice?

What did you expect from the population?

If you, Mr. President, the first thing you do after getting into office, was making sure that all those people who were responsible for those killings, were arrested or kill, Haiti would not have been in the state that It is right now. Kill all those murderers; those who are arrested should have faced trial for treasons, for overthrowing a democratically elected government and for the slaughter of masses.

(When I say those responsible for the overthrowing of a democratically elected government, I take into account foreign government who have sponsored them, but I believe that it would have been a mistake to have deal with them right after you get elected because I don't believe you have the necessary resources to do that, but dealing with them should definitely have been in your agenda).

If you have done that, the Haitian people would not have felt that they have to take matter in their own hand and go as far as kidnapping and commit murders.

Give the Haitian people justice; unless justice is served there won't ever be absolute peace in Haiti.

Arrest those cold blooded murderers, and make sure they will never be able to hurt Haiti again.

Make those bastards, murderers an example of what will happen if ever any gang of cannibal like them will ever try to overthrow an elected government again.

I really feel bad for all those people who don't have a voice.

They have been victimized, over and over again.

This has to stop. let there be justice

Francois, December 31 2006, 3:01 PM

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