Dr. Elie, Can you tell us if you are either a medical doctor...

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Dr. Elie,

Can you tell us if you are either a medical doctor or someone with a doctorate/Ph.D. degree?

For a doctor, you surely prove how uninformed you are.

For your information, Haiti is not the only country known for vodou, and yet, all of those country are doing very well. Have you ever heard of countries like: India, Jamaica, etc..oh! I almost forgot, there is another big country, which is the most powerful and the wealthiest on the planet called the United States, I am sure you've heard of that country before.

In case you did not know it, let me tell you that the city of Miami's nickname is "The world capital of vodou" visited mostly by big stars from Holywood who want to be successful in their acting careers.

There is another big city in the United States called New Orleans where vodou has become a cult worshiping mostly by middle class and uper class Americans, and vodou is amongst the big tourist attractions in that city as well.

Second, there is something called "psychic", which is nothing else but vodou in the United States that you may not know about.

It is said that all presidents of the United States had a personal psyschic.

In fact, in the United States, you hear almost every day about a psychic fair being held somewhere.

I know you are one of the biggest fans of American vodou/psychic phenomenon, which proves the level of your slave mentality.

Everything white people do and believe in is admired by people like you regardless what it is, but black people/Haitians doing or practicing the exact same thing all of sudden is the worst of things ever.

Due to you slave mentality, I know you are going to come up with all kind of excuses, explanations, logic and rationals defending the master' vodou practices because that's what people like yoursefl do.

Nevertheless, I want you to know one thing and that is, despite all the vodou that is being practicing in the United States, the country is still the most powerful and the wealthiest on the planet.

And that is due to the Americans' intelligence, the know-how, the love for country, vision, the competence, and the drive of building a country to be number one in opportunities that offer hope even to the homeless who live in a carton box. These are the traits that we, Haitians, do not have and for that our country is in a dark hole.

Question for you, as a doctor, can you tell us how you have put your expertise to the use of your country?

I bet nothing other than bragging about yourself as a doctor.

Educated Americans don't do that, they put their knowledge and expertise to the use of their country.

Our incompetence and mediocrity are the reasons why our country doesn't prosper, and is not worth visiting by anyone, vodou has nothing to do with that.

It is time that we stop using vodou and everything else as scapegoat from taking our responsibility toward our country.

We need to stop being so lazy and become proactive toward our country.

We need to stop waiting and looking for the master to fix our country for us because it is never going to happen until we, Haitians, take matters into our own hands.

Let us stop bragging about the level of our education but instead let us put our intellingence and expertise to the use of our country, and soon, you'll see marvelous things start to happen in Haiti.

Tiba, July 30 2008, 6:33 AM


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