Amen Trebu Patriyot

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You did better than I could expose my deception to the public.

As far as I am concerned, someone called me a frustrated cab driver, I'd rather drive a cab my whole life than be an homosexual, a murderer, a threater to my own friends, my own country.

Jolibwa monte bwa aristid poul pale tenten pandan ke yon pep ap soufri.

I said I would not answer.

I am so busy but I have to thank you Trebu for pointing directly with your smart finger exactly the deception, the disappointment I was talking about.

You are a man with common sense and I believe you truly love the people of Haiti, not yourself, or the potential life you would have overthere if you had your way.
Thanks brother for being true to our country.

I wish I knew you better.

You make so much sense.

Ayisyen Patriyot, December 30 2006, 7:13 PM

Topic: Let's divorce the past

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Mr. Trebu I read your comment, it is very insightful and really I appreciate it. Your statement is in a sense a... read more >
Philippe, 30-Dec-06 7:06 pm
You did better than I could expose my deception to the public. As far as I am concerned, someone called me a... read more >
Ayisyen Patriyot, 30-Dec-06 7:13 pm
You have made very interesting point talking about the importance of learning about the past to best shape the future... read more >
Francois, 31-Dec-06 2:29 pm
Hats off Francois, well done, now I can stay in peace and let you defend this cause that so many Haitians need to... read more >
Jolibois Selondieu, 31-Dec-06 4:01 pm
What's the matter Mr. Jolibois? It seems you're having trouble enforcing an illusion. Stop begging us for validation... read more >
Mark, 1-Jan-07 3:44 am
I do not what your name is and I could care less. If you understand simple english or any other language for that... read more >
Jolibois Selondieu, 1-Jan-07 9:16 am
Is this the best you can do? Really challenging my capacity to understand english. Well, you'll have to do a lot... read more >
Mark, 1-Jan-07 2:24 pm
aristid wil never come back. aristid is a cancer. aristid is a setback. aristide is a sucker. Keep dreaming dreaming A... read more >
Ayisyen Patriyot, 1-Jan-07 5:56 pm
Les observateurs avises n'arrivent pas juqu'a present a expliquer comment un leader supporte par une base populaire si... read more >
Trebu Patriote, 2-Jan-07 12:24 pm
Robert P. Toussaint says: Respect a true Hero Heros, I didn't see any since Charlemagne Peralt,so let's not misuse the... read more >
Robert P. Toussaint, 2-Jan-07 12:30 pm
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