Just like that song LAKAY SE LAKAY, them kids said: Millions...

Jean Louis - July 26 2008, 1:41 PM

Just like that song LAKAY SE LAKAY, them kids said:

Millions of dollar spent in this land full of gold, resources and so chemical from the land being stolen.

I ain't talking about the crises, I'm talking about prices, how much we're being sold.

Waking up in the morning, getting ready for the up and coming, homeland security erased with the army, but we can never die under the Palm Tree.

I'm Haitian and I know it, Independent and I love it, we got it made in 1804, but they tried to get it back in 1-9-1-4.

Ile-a-Vache, Ile-Da-Tortue no more, La Gonave's ready to be claimed fool. In blackouts when we see, they tell in the news who we be, Haiti is the poorest, but we still represent the flag to the fullest.

No other place like HOME, Haiti is the place to be 'til I die when I'm burry, let's go home, mobolizing the City and the Government!!!

FACT: this is real talk from the C-PROJECTS or FAMILY SENCI kids, they put the word outther.

no security in a country without an army, to secure the land and the water, no economist to watch/protect our investment.

Preval se yon agwonom, not worth to be president, only can help the farmers cultivate and produce more resources.

Haiti se yon peyi twopikal, we can produce and reproduce, now, we don't have control over, twop kawo te abandone, twop moun vle kite peyi ya, limit fwontye peyi ya deplase, detanzantan Haiti vin pi piti, Sen Domeng vin pi gwo, se vann yap vann nou.

Pa gen moun kap siveye peyi ya, pou yo we ki bo e ki kote yap vann sa yo vole e pran nan peyi ya. Aristid merite mouri pou tout krim, se boujwa yo ki gen kob e se yo ki ka komanse investi e apre diapora yo te ka fini li.

alo neg sa yo nan Med


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