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Boy, so much has been discussed since I left (which really was not that long ago), I feel like I was gone for a long time. First I noticed that the guy/girl who's trying to sabotage the blog has been playing his gutter rat tricks again.

I'm glad to see that those of us who have been blogging with each other for a long time are not falling for his tricks.Now on to more interesting things said by interesting bloggers:

TIBA said, "We, Haitians, have dismantled, and totally destroyed the Haitian culture, our culture.

I think it is imperative that we rebuild our culture." Tiba, the problem with culture is that it evolves out of various social factors...

Some of those factors are need based some are pleasure based.

These factors over time result in very specific cultural behaviors.

You can't rebuild a culture, because you would have to have the population relive all their past history, which is what created the factors that generated the culture.

So you see culture can't be rebuilt.

On the other hand, although I agree with you that Haitian culture has been seriously affected by the past twenty years of social degeneration, I don't feel that it is completely damaged.

And although we can't rebuild the same culture that we had in the past, we can try to create one based on what we know of our history.

For example, one of the ways that Haitian culture was different was because we were seen as the only black people to have so much pride in ourselves after the colonial period.

This pride was a cultural thing that one found at all social levels, and in Haitians of all skin shades.

It was based on the fact that we were thought our history, and how great our history is. We retold our history through various cultural performances such as songs, dance, and various social rituals.

Today, Haitian children are learning that their hero ancestors were nothing more than criminals--that is those who are learning anything at all. No society should allow their heroes to be disparaged, because this has such a negative impact on all cultural aspect.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that although we can't rebuild our culture, we could create a new one based on what we know of the old one.

ZARIEN said, "But Linda, the people also play a large role in what is happening to the country." Zarien, I agree with so much of what you say. But at the same time I have to disagree with your premise.

Let me explain.

I have difficulty with any argument that looks at the problems without looking at the cause.

If we had a government that set the example of good ethical behavior the people would follow, because they would know that unethical behavior is not allowed in the society.

If we had a government that truly loved the nation, it would establish programs that would teach the people to love their country.

In a nation state the national government always has great impact on how the people act and what they believe.

So, although I do agree with you that there is a serious problem with the way some Haitians think and act, I still think, that that is a result of our government’s lack of ethics and moral bankruptcy.

As for the gutter rat’s comment on your English, you should just remind him that the great Shakespeare himself spelled many different words differently each time he wrote them… In our day, this would classify him as a terrible speller.

However, in his day, it is the meaning of the words that mattered, not what order the letters were placed.

To the gutter rat that criticized your English, I will simply quote Shakespeare who said in Hamlet

There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your narrow philosophy

RPT: I couldn’t find the link for article on the thief Aristide and his republican embezzlers.


Linda., July 26 2008, 7:24 AM

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